PreOrtho is a new form of pediatric orthodontic treatment in Pre-Ortho. Pre-Ortho, manufactured by Forest One, and invented by Dr. Astushi, is a MyoFunctional Therapeutic mouth guard that not only prevents malocclusion and nasal breathing, but at the same time creates better orthodontic movement.

Pre-Ortho is made out of a more durable material in polyurethane(Medical grade of polyurethane) versus the default silicone material in others. Durability in kids plays a key role in obtaining orthodontic movement among pre-adolescents ranging from (4-11yrs.) Not only is Pre-Ortho durable, but kids are only required to where this overnight and 1 hour during the day. This 1 hour during the days is more emphasized, in order for the patient to train while talking and swallowing with PreOrtho.

PreOrtho can be adjusted with burs (handpiece), and you can reform it as well with boiling water.